Scientific Advisory Commission

The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Commission is to monitor the quality of research. This Advisory Commission consists of multiple members, including an independent chairperson.

The Scientific Advisory Commission has a substantive advisory task and critically ensures that the scientific quality of the research is guaranteed. In doing so, it bases itself on the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity as endorsed by the KNAW (Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences).

The members were asked by the Steering Committee, in consultation with the Programme Management, to be part of the Scientific Advisory Commission, based on their experience, background and expertise. 

Independent Advisory Role

The members of the Scientific Advisory Commission participate on the basis of their scientific knowledge and expertise in their field. They do so in a personal capacity, so that they can fulfill their advisory role impartially and independently.

The Scientific Advisory Commission consists of:

  • Prof. dr. Antoon de Baets (chair)
  • Prof. dr. Paal Sigurd Hilde
  • Dr. Samuël Kruizinga
  • Dr. Karin van Leeuwen
  • Dr. Sergey Vasiliev
  • Dr. Willem Vogelsang

Final responsibility

The Scientific Advisory Commission gives solicited and unsolicited advice, but does not decide on the research programme. The Steering Committee, consisting of Prof. Dr Ben Schoenmaker (director NIMH) and Prof. Dr Martijn Eickhoff (director NIOD), are responsible for this.

Both the Programme Management and the Steering Committee attend the meetings of the Scientific Advisory Commission in order to understand their input and to take it into account when deciding on the content and course of the research.